| There is a problem with the VSA system or the hill start assist system. If the indicator blinks, the system is overheated and inactive. You’ll know it’s time to refuel when the Low Fuel Indicator lights up. Have your tire pressure adjusted immediately. Red or amber lights … Read ahead to learn more about Honda dashboard warning lights. Fill out the simple form below and our technicians will get back to you. Daytime running lights, or DRL, have been implemented in many places around the world as an added safety measure for cars.These lights help to make cars more visible in low light situations and show that the engine is running. An exclamation point light inside a bowl or a cup is the Honda Ridgeline’s Low Tire Pressure Indicator. ... Get to know what all your dash lights mean before they appear. 2 days ago I noticed a "fuel economy" warning light has lit on the dashboard. A critical warning light … But the VTM-4 staying lit for long periods sometimes indicates engine problems. Have your Ridgeline examined at your earliest convenience. The Brake System Indicator tells you when your parking brake is on or if it’s time to have your brake system checked out. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has 3 problems reported for multiple warning lights. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or visit www.owners.honda.com for specific details on your vehicle. Common dashboard lights found in Honda models. | This light indicates that there is a problem with CMBS. My honda is showing a B1 service due on its display. Worry not, though. | This indicates a problem with the LKAS. Our online service appointment scheduler is available 24/7. The Honda dashboard lights listed below can be found on the vast majority of the Honda … This section covers the dashboard warning lights of various models of Honda cars, including the Civic, Accord, CRV, Jazz, HRV, Oddyssey, Pilot and Ridgeline. 7:27. Honda Ridgeline Dashboard Light Guide: Los Angeles, CA ... Dashboard Warning Lights and what they mean - Duration: 7:27. Let our experienced team of Honda-Certified technicians take care of any issues or upkeep pertaining to your Honda Ridgeline. If you’re wondering, “what do my Honda dashboard warning lights mean,” Patty Peck Honda has put together an overview of the various warning lights you may see, and their meanings, so you can drive safe and worry-free. It extends the life of your tires, creates better traction and handling, and won’t stress the powertrain or steering. The contact stated that after parking the vehicle several unknown warning lights flashed continually on the instrument panel. If there’s an issue with an airbag, the Supplemental Restraint System Indicator will light up. UnSoberano 1,491 views. | There is a problem with one of the airbag systems or seat belt tensioners. Language: English It’s recommended you have them re-inflated as soon as possible. | This light signifies something wrong in the LDW system. Vehicle Stability Assist Indicator alerts you to problems with the VSA. Your email address will not be published. To prevent this from happening, there is a warning light on the dashboard that indicates when the battery should be replaced in the fob. I hope it's just a simple oil change and tire rotation. VSA Light Meaning: Honda Ridgeline. Your Honda Ridgeline‘s brake light indicator is there to let you know that there is an issue with the brake system.It is different than the anti-lock brake system, which gets its own ABS warning light.The brake light … Honda dashboard warning light symbols and meanings. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. Watch tutorials about your 2019 Honda Ridgeline Dashboard Details, including videos and tips designed to improve safety and performance. | This light indicates that the car battery is not charging. Brake system (Canada) | This light may indicate that the brake system has a problem or the brake fluid is low. Contact your local Honda … Your email address will not be published. Honda’s dashboard warning lights are categorized into two groups, critical or general information. The Washer Level Indicator is shaped like a windshield with a wiper. Here's what to do if you see a yellow exclamation point inside a yellow triangle on your dash warning light display. A general information warning light will be green or blue and is simply an alert that a system is on or off. If it is blinking, a misfire in the engine’s cylinder is detected. VSA System Light. It should also give you a tour of the other gauge and warning indicators on your dashboard. If your Honda Ridgeline is having trouble starting, idling rough or has a fast change in the position of the throttle pedal, this could be a sign of a bad mass airflow sensor. Brake System: This dashboard warning light is the word “BRAKE” in red. Parkway Honda 154,389 views. If your check engine light is on, the first thing to do is look for a serious problem that requires immediate attention. When you have cruise control turned on, the Cruise Control Indicator lights up. Red Honda CR-V dashboard warning lights … It’s triggered by low brake fluid levels or a serious issue in the brake … The A/T Temperature Indicator monitors the temperature of transmission fluid. You should have this looked at immediately. 19131 Beach Blvd • Huntington Beach, CA 92648. This article applies to the Honda Civic and Accord (1992-2000). Systems like the daytime running lights are designed to keep you from getting into an accident so it’s important to know the warning … This video will show you how to replace a defective Electronic Load Detector (ELD) on a 2008 Honda Accord. It’s important to know what the dashboard Honda Ridgeline warning lights … Each light indicates some vital detail about your Ridgeline at any given time, keeping you informed about tire pressure, fuel levels and open windows. I wish it was more descriptive, I have no idea what that means. When you look at your dashboard, the color of the indicator light … Required fields are marked *. Average failure mileage is 38,800 miles. That is, until one of those darned warning lights blinks to life on your dash. The dashboard lights on your Honda Ridgeline are its way of communicating with you. What is the 2021 Honda Pilot Cargo Space. If your vehicle has this, press and hold the button until the warning light blinks twice. Copyright © 2020 Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach, 19131 Beach Blvd - Huntington Beach, CA 92648. When your Ridgeline experiences a random malfunction, the engine-shaped Malfunction Indicator Lamp lights up. They are: 1. 11 posts Jul 24, 2011 VSA, VTM, TMPS, ABS, Brake warning lights 11 posts May 30, 2010 VSA and warning light! What is the 2020 Honda Ridgeline Fuel Economy Rating? For many drivers this may be stressful, frightening, or just plain annoying. | This indicates there is a problem with the ACC system. Germain Honda of Ann Arbor has assembled this guide to help you understand what each dashboard indicator/warning light means. It’s shaped like an airbag deploying in front of a person. I don't feel like forking … After reading this, and realizing there may possibly be a problem with your Honda to diagnose, contact us at Patty Peck Honda. We are conveniently located near Brandon, Madison, and Jackson. I took it to the deler and they took the alarm out and didn't find the leak so my Ridgeline … There are warning lights associated with the VSA system. One of the most prevailing and copious cause is that your Honda Ridgeline gas cap is loose, damaged or missing. 2008 Honda: warning light has lit on the dashboard..light came 10 days ago I took my 2008 Honda Ridgeline into Honda of the Desert in Cathedral City, CA for a routine 11,000 service. The gas cap for your Honda Ridgeline … Brakes will still function, but without anti-lock functions. Our service team is committed to making sure you can drive safely and worry-free! Accidentally leave your in-bed trunk open? The light listed simply as VSA is the system indicator light. The Bed Lights Indicator tells you when your bed lights are on. Starting from left to right, here’s a brief rundown. Starting from left to right, here’s a brief rundown. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Honda… Both the Honda Civic and Accord are equipped with a pretty standard set of dashboard warning lights. 11 posts Nov 25, 2011 ABS, VSA and brake lights all on! The contact owns a 2017 Honda Ridgeline. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Notice at Collection of Personal Information. SCHEDULE SERVICE. Check your dashboard gauges and lights … Occasionally, you might need to have the sensors looked at. What the key fob battery low warning light means. One of … Stop in a safe place and restart your vehicle. If it stays on, it is letting you know that there is some problem with the Ridgeline… The Low-Pressure Oil Indicator, shaped like an oil can, denotes a problem with oil pressure.
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