For general carpentry, hornbeam is rarely used, partly due to the difficulty of working it. Hornbeam timber is a pale, creamy white with a flecked grain. If you are a lover of our kiln dried ash firewood, we’re confident that you will love the hornbeam also. Uses The wood of Carpinus is of minor economic importance because of the small size of the trees. Official Description Hornbeam Wood is a wood. The wood is used for pianos and many of their working parts. Charcoal from Hornbeam also makes excellent gunpowder. In this case, if it is hornbeam then a trade route established in Viking times may be the answer, with the wood coming from southern Denmark or southern Sweden where hornbeam was a native species and travelling via the Northern Isles, (Orkney, Shetland and adjacent mainland, always fairly treeless and so major importers of wood of all kinds), and then round into the lands of the Lordship of the Isles. I believe the variety I have here is American hop hornbeam. 160) from Hornbeam Used in the craft of In the past, they were often managed / coppiced for charcoal production. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting us at But, it is strong and dense, 45 pounds per cubic foot. ironwood / hornbeam uses 07-18-2019, 07:33 PM Hello All, i met a gentleman last week when i bought some cherry burls off facebook and ended up going on a tour of a 500 acre woodlot. Both trees are in the birch family, Betulaceae, as you can see from the leaves. Also known as muscle wood and blue beach. An exceptionally hard wood, hornbeam had few tradtional uses other than when its durability proved necessary – such as for cartwheels or the cog mechanisms of windmills and watermills. Net Size: 30L. The roots are sensitive to soil disturbance. They normally grow as an under-story tree; they are very leafy, to gather light under taller trees and the area under a grove of hornbeams will be rather open. Hornbeam coppice - hornbeam was coppiced (often for fuel), and small coppice woodlands of hornbeam can still be met with in southern England. The “beam” in hornbeam refers to the beam of wood that separated the ox bows. From shop WoodBerryArt. It used to be favored to make charcoal powder. Wood Type: 100% Hornbeam. The extremely hard wood of this tree will, as the common name suggests, take a horn-like polish and was once used by early Americans to make bowls, tool handles and ox yokes. The wood of Hornbeam is one of the densest and hardest woods and thus it has been used for arrows, spears, yokes for oxen, mill cogs, mallet heads, tool handles and butcher's blocks. The leaf is quite long (7 - 12 cm) but has a relatively short leaf stalk or petiole The Hornbeam tree is a handsome specimen with a pleasant shape. It may need assistance from another faster burning wood such as Birch to keep it burning well. TRADITIONAL AND MODERN USES. Hornbeam looks taut, cut and buff, as if it goes to the forest gym twice a day and lifts … iron. Moisture Content: 10-20% Genus name comes from the classical Latin name. Uses. HOP HORNBEAM (Ostrya virginiana) Medicine: Chippewa used the wood at the heart of the branch in making a cough syrup, and in a medicine for kidney disorders. Extremely hard wood used for heavy applications. Here’s a quick reference guide to the healing, magical, and metaphysical properties of … Nowadays, it’s mainly used for furniture, flooring and wood turning, but traditionally the wood was made into ox yokes which were used to join a team of ploughing oxen together. ... American Hornbeam bark and Eastern Hop Hornbeam bark - Duration: 4:52. Grahame Dangerfield (died 13 July 2018) was a British naturalist, author and broadcaster. Having initially expressed his first impression that it was a Rosaceous timber he then after microscopic examination stated that he was 99% certain that the timber used was hornbeam, (Carpinus betulas) and that the wood used in the sound boxes, forepillar and harmonic curve were identical in both cases. Hop hornbeam is a dense, hard wood with a high btu. The leaf is quite long (7 - 12 cm) but has a relatively short leaf stalk or petiole It is extremely hard; in fact it has the hardest wood of any tree in Europe. This wood is known as Hornbeam Wood because Sadidas always sound their horn under its tree. Many of the ancient hornbeams that remain have been pollarded. Consequently it is used where strength, durability and resistance to wear is required. (A venerable tree but not perhaps what you would make a harp out of. Hornbeam never grows to a huge size, perhaps six or seven inches through on average. The tree is a common ornamental in hedges and covered walks of Old World gardens and is often pruned into strange shapes. From shop BirchBarkBarrette. I have a nice piece of white oak thats coming along well, but the hard carving has been w. a piece of American hornbeam, aka ironwood, aka muscle wood. Ox The Uses Of Hornbeam Wood Notwithstanding that the wood of the Hornbeam is remarkable for its close grain, even texture and consequent strength, it is seldom used for structural purposes. The wood is not subject to cracking or splitting and was used by American pioneers for bowls and dishes. Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary will use the data you provide in the subscribe form, to contact you. Commercial use of hornbeam wood is not practicable, however, due to the limited amount of wood that can be harvested per tree. Hornbeam makes an elegant pyramidal, later rounded, specimen tree for parkland, woodland and larger gardens. Obtaining Gathered by a Lumberjack (Lv. An emergency food, used when all else fails. When dry it is exceedingly hard, tough, close-grained and white and when thoroughly dry acquires the texture of horn or even bone or ivory but notably lacking in flexibility’, (Miller Christy, 1924). TRADITIONAL AND CULTURAL USES Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The wood is a favorite of beaver. Uses The wood of hop hornbeam is hard and durable. Photograph by Michael Billinge, The same tree, viewed from the other side. Extremely hard wood used for heavy applications. When hornbeam dries, it checks terribly. Some of the old stands were hundreds of years old, the timber the fuel for smelting iron and making charcoal. Trade in wood occurred from early times, especially in Scotland where even woods native to the country were imported being an easier option when the difficulty of access meant that extraction of timber from the natural forest was a problem. Hence its other common name: Musclewood. Hornbeam Wood Hedgehog Sanctuary is located on the same lands that made up Grahame Dangerfield's Animal Sanctuary and still uses many of the pens and cages. It is more narrow and upright than the European hornbeam. In Minnesota, both hornbeams rarely grow beyond a 4" diameter, and that tree will be over 50 years old. Fully hardy. Hornbeam is one of the woods used to make wands. The root environment should be kept moist by selecting an appropriate planting site and by mulching. Young Hornbeam in a park, as will grow in open with no competing vegetation. The European hop-hornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia) and the Japanese hop-hornbeam (O. japonica) may reach 21 m (70 feet); the other species are much smaller. This piece, planed but not polished, is also slightly spelted, or dozed, as it had been down for some months. Wood Type: 100% Hornbeam. Official Description Hornbeam Wood is a wood. American hornbeam - posted in All About Wood: Havent posted much in awhile, and its because I havent accomplished much. What is far more puzzling than how the wood was obtained was the choice of wood in the first place. Data protection: American hornbeam, Carpinus caroliniana has smooth grey bark which is often rippled like muscle, causing it to be called muscle-wood in some areas. A photograph of the end grain picture of the same piece of Hornbeam wood, to show the typical growth rate of less than 5mm annually. In the background is an undergrowth layer composed of many species among which C. betulus can be dominant.|Valuable Quercus robur old stand. Populations from Mexico and Central America are also regarded as the same species, although some authors prefer to separate them as a distinct species, Ostrya … Hornbeam is well known for its strong structure and unlikelihood to split. Dried heartwood billets are nearly white and are suitable for decorative use. In addition to its uses in turnery (chess pieces, etc. Uses of hornbeam. Hornbeam wood rarely used for furniture By TERRY KOVEL ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES March 20, 2014 - 5:00 am This wistful boy with the blue googly eyes is a dresser box. It is rarely, if at all, used for general carpentry because of the challenge in working such a tough wood. Grade: 2-3 Hornbeam, of both kinds, is incredibly strong if it doesn't get wet. Try one if you like and see how it turns out. The European hornbeam has a whitish, tough wood that is used in agricultural implements. Net Size: 30L. Firewood Types : Hornbeam Identification. The hornbeam has 28 species of associated insects[24]. Comments: Hophornbeam is a member of the Betulaceae family, and is somewhat related to Birch (Betula genus) and Hornbeam (Carpinus genus). “What is the hornbeam?” says Nick Lear, who has been managing a large hornbeam wood in Sussex for more than 20 years. Neither survives here, so I have no personal experience on them, but hornbeam's long history as a coveted material for implements requiring toughness and hardness tells me it must make a good bow. Anyway, you can find more information on the subject in the Magus Bwork Book... Hornbeam Wood is a wood. Barkin' up … The Timberframer's Guild did a sheer test on several wood varieties used for pegs a few years ago. 80) from Hornbeam Trees; Uses Soil disturbance, road salt, air pollution, and hot, scorching conditions make the hornbeam unhappy. The hornbeam wood, which we haven’t used before, is really great and doesn’t spit at all- that’s important as ee use it in both a stove & on an open fire. ‘Yet another blemish arises from the fact that, as the tree approaches maturity, its wood shows a tendency to develop ‘shakes’. Description My own wand is made of hornbeam, and so it is with all due modesty that I state that hornbeam selects for its life mate the talented witch or wizard with a single, pure passion, which some might call obsession (though I prefer the term ‘vision’), which will almost always be realised. The wood is a favorite of beaver. It makes excellent firewood, and I’ve been warned by old Vermonters not to put too many ironwood pieces in the stove at once to prevent overheating.I’ve learned the hard way that they’re right… A rather curious choice of wood for making harps, though, despite the rather blanket statements made by the work just quoted, one of the authors has worked with it for that purpose and it would have been possible to find hornbeam suitable in size for making a harp soundbox. I've only seen one over 6" in 55 years - and that was a wooded area that became a lawn. I found two in my woods that look to be extremely old and since a saw blade log is small and only one to a tree, I'd lie to know if it is special before I cut them down. Hornbeam is a very dense and extremely hard wood, often referred to as an ironwood. Hornbeam never grows to a huge … Photograph by Michael Billinge. It is used for fence posts, fuel, and tool handles. Hornbeam is also used in piano actions. However, it's uses are limited as although strong it is rigid, lacking flexibility and shrinks considerably on drying and cross-grains make it hard to work. Gathered by a Lumberjack (Lv. A good firewood but due to its high water content of approximately 140% (more water than wood!) The American hornbeam can be grown as a multi-stemmed shrub or as a single-stemmed tree. The wood was used for wheel cogs, axils, spokes, tool handles, and butchers blocks. What is the quality of the wood? White bracelet, Hornbeam Wood, Light Bracelet, Wooden Bracelet, Handmade Bracelet, Boho Style, Woodpecker, Gift for Her, Gift for Girl BirchBarkBarrette. Leaves are alternate, simple, blades 2½–4½ inches long, 1½–2½ inches wide, broadest at or below the middle; margin sharply and densely toothed; base often uneven; upper surface yellowish to dark green, dull; lower surface paler, hairy. Barkin' up … This ancient tree had been pollarded a very long time ago and like many pollarded trees, though the centre of the trunk rots away, the tree itself can live on for a great many years (pollarded trees can live longer than those left alone). Hornbeam can be one of the hardest trees to identify as the usual features can easily be mistaken for other tree species. Leaf. The American hornbeam is less popular as an ornamental; it … Hornbeam and the hophornbeam Marc uses are different woods, the latter being denser and stronger, although hornbeam's no slouch, either. Anyway, you can find more information on the subject in the Magus Bwork Book... Hornbeam Wood is a wood. I don’t have any wood from either, but they’re both supposed to be nice for mallets, clubs, handles, and woodenware, according to Native Trees of the Southeast. Hornbeam is a wonderful firewood with very similar heat properties to Ash. It coppices well, and in the past older trees were pollarded. Then we gently air-dry for days so that the wood becomes extra solid and almost unbreakable. You can expect a long burn duration, a high heat and a nice flame.
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