If you find this (1,280 g), stripped. 119 results for pentax 645n Save pentax 645n to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. If both are set to speeds and apertures, you're in manual mode. document.write(""); There was never a combined split-image/microprism screen; you could get either one or the other, but not both on the same screen. Pentax' 645 lenses are fine, but not as stellar as the Hasselblad or Mamiya 7 systems if you like to shoot flat landscapes at infinity at full aperture. 5.9 x 4.4 x 4.6" (150 x 111 x 117mm) WHD, no lens. Longer gear lifecycles serve more and cost less-for you and the environment. All rights reserved. If you use Pay Pal, use the link below. The Matrix meter is always right-on, and more impressively, the system is good enough so that auto exposures made with different apertures all match. The Pentax 645N Is A Medium Format Workhorse The 645n is an autofocus medium format film camera from Pentax. It is completely compatible with all Pentax 645 film backs and 645 lenses, both manual and auto focus. Today, you can buy one of these used for about $350 for the body with a film magazine, and about $100 or less will get you the manual-focus 75mm lens as shown. It's simple: pop out the film holder, load to the red index, set the ISO by pulling the top left lever to ISO and pressing the up and down buttons below the shutter release, and go. You still have to hit the shutter halfway to wake up the AF and focus confirmation system. If you only make two shots of the sequence, your next first shot will be at the + exposure. The lenses for this system are Zeiss lenses, and the 80mm … But wait: Pentax makes some "LS" lenses with leaf shutters designed to sync at 1/500. The 645n is the sucessor to the original manual focus only Pentax 645 medium format … The finder's diopter control clicks in nicely and doesn't move around as it does on the older 645 and other cameras. The self-timer is easy to set: just spin the dial around the shutter release. 50.885 oz. Use the aperture-priority mode and auto exposures go out to 30 seconds. The Pentax 645N is an autofocus medium-format SLR. Shop online and get free UK delivery on orders over £150. You can reset the bracketing sequence to start from N by turning off the power. enlarge. The fundamental design was a medium format camera with 35mm handling, for which the designers used the catch phrase "Super field camera". 645 film has 2.6 times the area of full-frame 35mm. (1997-) Set up a virtual shopping call with one of our in-store experts, so you can … The top right lever selects spot, center-weighted, or Matrix (evaluative). In 2001, B&H got $1,890 for the stripped body. You don't have to distract yourself with metering as you do with other cameras. It is completely compatible with all Pentax 645 film backs and 645 lenses, both manual and auto focus. Asahi Optical Co SMC Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 Lens Pentax K Mount (Dallas) $40 Wanted: PENTAX 200mm F/4 SMC FA Lens for PENTAX 645N (Marietta) Pentax SMC Pentax-M 135mm … In particular, I used the Pentax 80mm and 150mm lenses with my camera. Pentax 645N Medium-Format SLR Camera. Since exposure compensation works at the same time, you could dial in + and then the sequence would be +, N and ++. If you only made two shots in the sequence and cycled the power, you could be shooting at + and N for each scene, instead of N and - by default. At Photokina next week Pentax will announce a new 6 megapixel (3072 x 2048) Digital SLR, it will use Philip's 6 megapixel 35mm size CCD (12-bit progressive, 12 µm pixel pitch) and support Pentax KAF2 mount (645N & 67II lenses can be used… If you set anything, you'll see the three bars for AE bracketing move up and down with it. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Still other cameras use 120 film for 6cm × 7cm … The 645n keeps all the the same excellent features that made it's predecessor so popular: compact well balanced handling similar to a 35mm SLR, integral AA motor drive grip, plentiful exposure modes, dual tripod sockets, TTL flash hotshoe, depth of field preview, 1/1000s electronically controlled shutter, etc. Check the five green marks above, and you're ready to shoot. AE bracketing never cancels until you move the lever back to 0. These are the same as Nikon's AF-C and AF-S, or Canon's AI Servo or One Shot. Except for mirror lock-up and custom functions I don't need, I see no reason to pay the big bucks for a 645N II. It replaced the manual-focus Pentax 645, and was later replaced by the very similar 645N II. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; It only works if you've chosen an aperture on the aperture ring. If you get a camera without the Pentax strap, no problem. For this reason the name was also not changed, only adding the letter "N", meaning "new" or "new generation". It'll make you feel better, won't it? The outer body is plastic, but tough plastic. Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by aris_gerakis|1, Apr 13, 2008. aris_gerakis|1. Exposure compensation works great: press the center release button and spin the knob. You have to buy different backs, called inserts, for each kind of film. SMC Pentax-A 645 … } Autofocus medium format camera with great handling, Multi-segment, Center-weighted, & Spot metering partterns, Dedicated shutter speed and exposure compensation knobs, Single frame, Continous and Self timer advance modes, Accepts 120 roll film inserts (16 exposures) and 220 roll film inserts (33 exp). or 1,707.85g) as deployed with six AA batteries, 75mm f/2.8 manual lens, 120 film back, film and strap lugs (but no strap). Pentax O EC107 Large Eyepiece. In self timer, you only get one shot. You can find these used at these direct product links to Adorama and eBay. Home   Donate   New   Search   Gallery   How-To   Books   Links   Workshops   About   Contact. It helps me keep adding reviews of this old stuff when you use these links to get yours, Thanks! Even though the camera has auto focus capabilities, I only used manual lenses with it. Pentax 645N + Pentax FA 75mm f2.8 SMC Autofocus pentax mg vintage slr camera description the pentax mg is an aperture priority automatic c. pentax o-rc1 remote control for pentax dslr camera - rarely used, in mint.. genuine pentax this is an excellent quality “ever ready” case for your pentax … The big bar graph lights up in the finder when you've set it, so you won't forget it. Relative to other medium format cameras, the price is reasonable (at the time of writing, a 645 body … If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. The old Pentax 645 goes about 40 hours if star trails are your thing. You had to buy at least one film magazine for $175 and at least the 75mm AF lens for $420, bringing the cost for this camera new to $2,485, which is over $3,000 in 2009 dollars. The matrix meter knows to light the in-finder flash bolt in harsh light to ask you to use fill-flash. Pentax 645n or Pentax 645nii. If one is going to buy a medium format camera these days, especially 645, then autofocus is pretty much the norm.
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