Warrior cat games and makers, a Studio on Scratch. I got something else! Here's a few of my own examples:  RoseStar(my OC), HeatherPaw,StickTail, TwigLeaf, FrostedToes, CrowFeather, FishKit, BushTail, HoneyHeart, AmberBark. Each Clan has Erin Hunter's ranks, some have their own unique ranks (i.e, In my wolf pack, we have angel ranks. ShadowClan: Kind of evil. This is a wiki for your warrior cat own.You can make a warrior cat and your on clan too but they're are rules-- 1.Don't make a clan when there is more clans than cats. What's your worst trait? 34 likes. I tried to put as much detail into it as possible, and will probably add more things to it eventually! What is your Warrior Cat name kit, mate, clan, position, and apprentice? 45. Warrior cats oc clans. This was created by Icetiger101, but is currently run by Starflight897, Qibli77, Goosely122, and Adrestia, so if you would like an OC, please either leave a message on one of their walls or comment down below! Go to Games. Developing the Cat's Appearance Develop the cat's appearance. Animal Groups Roleplay Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. By Starstreek1745 Ongoing - Updated Jun 02, 2016 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. ThunderClan: The Clan of heroes. In the end, you will be a new Warrior Cat with a name, clan, age, rank in your clan, and a … Warrior. How Original Is Your Warrior Cats OC? I am not the best at RP so I apologise if they suck. Warrior Cat OC Maker. Make the right choices. Skills And Appearances Take a regular warrior such as Brackenfur, then compare him to Lionblaze. Warrior Cat OC Maker. Elder. Who is your favorite Clan leader? I’ve only seen like 4 different names. This name generator will give you 10 random names for cats or clans in the Warriors universe. Nine Lives Ceremony. :), Wow, Fawncliff is just like my sona Fawnspots, (unless DoveStream isn't a cat name from the quiz ;-;). Parents Names 1.2K 5 40. by Starstreek1745. Warrior Cats OC Maker Skills and Appearances. Prefix literally breaks down into Pre(meaning before) and Fix(Fixture), meaning Before Fixture. El objetivo de escribir una historia es que tú la escribas. A - Bramble. I love doll divine especially the warrior cat making game! Which negative trait best describes your cat? Warrior Cat Generator! Thankyou soooo much for playing! Warrior Cats Oc Maker This oc is made specifically for your use and once it is created use for everything you would use one you made yourself but feel free to change any element you dislike. Skills And Appearances Take a regular warrior such as Brackenfur, then compare him to Lionblaze. 12 Questions - Developed by: Stary - Updated on: 2020-06-07 - Developed on: 2018-12-01 - 66,313 taken - User Rating: 4.3 of 5 - 15 votes - 152 people like it Hello there, Warrior Cat … Seems like Honeyfall is really popular ;w; WHY IS EVERYBODY GETTING HONEYFALL!?!? If you want to have a 'blue' cat, make sure they are a dark silver or pale gray, maybe even a blue-gray like Bluestar, and red cats should be either orange, ginger, red-brown, or even a mixture of browns and ginger. An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. Hello warrior cats fans! ​​​​​​So, now you've got a general idea of what you want your OC to be like, huh? Or your fursona. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. To make sure you don't steal names, check Cats of The Clans for the list of cats active! Read Introduction from the story Warrior Cat Oc Maker/Generator/Creator by Starstreek1745 with 2,202 reads. Warrior Cats OC Maker Skills and Appearances. Mare and Frankie Lou 04/16/18 . Apprentice. Game Categories. Popular All Time [Warrior Cats] Hollyleaf. Being in the professional field, I know how to make believable, relatable and realistic (to the AU standards, i.e Warrior Cats) characters, and I will do my very best to help you make your character the best they can be! Respuesta 1: Tienes que responder a esas preguntas. See more ideas about warrior cat oc, warrior cats, cat oc. Tweet. B - Sandy. The point of this guide is to be stand-out from the other character guides. Warrior cat oc generator- detailed . There are currently over 300 trillion combinations! You can't help them all - which do you save? Naming in Warrior Cats is very specific, for example, rogues have one name, i.e Razor, Blizz, Rose; but clan cats have a PREFIX and a SUFFIX. There might be some contradictions or combinations that don't make sense- just try again! A real success. WindClan: Easily offended. New Cat! His mate is a med cat-. Most Dark Forest cats come from this Clan. Welcome to Make Your Own Cat! Game Categories. It's based off Dutchess Frost's Warrior Cats Life Generator.^^ Enjoy! TreeScar added the project Warrior Cats- Creator 5:20 a.m. On July 19, 2020; iwilleatyourcookie added the project Warrior Cat Generator (WIP) 6:41 p.m. On July 7, 2020; pizzapug12 added the project Cat Creator remix ginger version 4:57 a.m. On June 16, 2020 We welcome all new and old roleplayers just as long as you first read the Rules! Hey guys! Though known to be overly-protective of kits, queens usually are compassionate and kind, and in many cases they have been known to convince their mates or Clan leaders to take in cats in need of help. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Lionblaze. After that, please check out Create Your Cat to get started! I'm Whiskey the Werewolf, and IRL, I am a professional character designer and concept artist.I'm currently getting my degree in Games Art and Character Design, and have done alot of work for some high up people. choose a clan. You can create tortoiseshell and calico cats, pointed (even mink!) A senior warrior is a warrior who is older and more experienced than the others, but has not decided to become an elder yet, and would rather serve their Clan as long as they can. Design and color your own cat in this fun twist on a dress up game. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Kitten Maker : Design an adorable kitten, choosing its ears, face, cheeks, tails, colors, patterns, accessories and more! A good strategy for this is to have a … Make is seem more mysterious and cryptic. by Starstreek1745 Follow. Just grab a piece of paper and a pencil to write your results, and let's begin! I'm Whiskey the Werewolf, and IRL, I am a professional character designer and concept artist. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is a quiz to choose from my warrior cat OCs. By The_Dragoness_Witch Completed. 1.6K Favourites. cats, or very specific coats like the Turkish Van pattern. Click the button for your cat! E - Buzzard. I hope you like this, even though they aren't the best. Required fields are marked * Comment. I don't remember what i got, but i enjoyed. It's a nice name, but WHAT IN STARCLAN!? ;/, I got Honeyfall as well. There is a particular style of writing for these prophecies, so follow these instructions to create a realistic one that will leave the readers in suspense and help advance your plot. The Deputy is a warrior who is essentially second in command, they aid the leader in enforcing rules and often gives advice. Did you only come up with one answer??? The Suffix of a warrior's name is usually something that matches their Prefix, for example, the prefix Tiger could suit the Suffix Stripe. Good quiz! Create a Warrior Cat. Takes in a lot of friendly loners and strays. Warrior Cats Books Tier List Community Rank Tiermaker. Imgflip Pro GIF Maker Meme Generator Blank Meme Templates User Meme Templates GIF. Make your own cat. These are from a roblox RP game that I … You just won a hug. Welcome to Warrior Cats Roleplay! A queen is a cat that is expecting or has recently given birth to a litter of kits. 73 Comments. They also receive and interpret omens and prophecies from StarClan. 4.8K Favourites. After that, please check out Create Your Cat to get started! ClimbToTheStars. I may add more results but so far I've only made this many. She is a senior warrior of WindClan. Apprentices are Apprentices are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior (or sometimes a medicine cat) under a mentor. 244 Comments. Create a Cat ~ Warrior Cat Maker. Date:March 27, 2020. Flowerdawn Who would win in a battle? There might be some contradictions or combinations that don't make sense- just try again! Just create your own Warrior Cat! Boulderspring! She is a senior warrior of WindClan. I would LOVE to know! Which positive trait best describes your cat? Ages in Warrior Cats is very unusual, and really hard to get accurate, but from reading the books and doing SO MUCH MATH I have concluded that each year goes up by a n11+1 rule (In 12ths). An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. Cxw6rodjyudm2m A fifth clan, Skyclan, is introduced in later books. Here you can create and use your very own warrior, and meet other fan's cats! They do patrols, hunting and training of Apprentices. Mar 19, 2020 - Explore Elaina's board "Warrior Cats OC's", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. Good Job. They are wise and are held in high respect by the other cats; their counsel and knowledge is sought several times, even by Clan leaders, though they are often described as grumpy. Browse your Warriors profile, choose your Clan, personalised cat name and badge. If you want to be an apprentice, remember that you may not always get to choose your warrior name. :D But I see that everyone else got it too... ;-; But still! D - Fly. cat; cats; creator; generator; maker; warrior; warriorcats; Table of … It will ask questions about every aspect, so be prepared to get stuck on some questions, Such as backstory etc. Design and color your own cat in this fun twist on a dress up game. You can even make a regular cat. And how you would look and act? Tweet. Tables- Sproutliing's guide: https://animal-groups-roleplay.fandom.com/wiki/Guide_to_Coding_(Sproutliings). Queen. Cats younger than six moons months have the suffix kit. Please don't get offended, this is just my oppinion. Hey guys! Warrior Cat Oc Maker/Generator/Creator 18.5K Reads 98 Votes 15 Part Story. What is your Warrior Cat name kit, mate, clan, position, and apprentice? choose a name we will make art for your character! You may want to include these in your fanfiction as well.

warrior cat oc maker

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