This ability recharges after a short period of time, allowing Sage to use it several times in a round. As the de facto support of the game, a lot is riding on your shoulders when you lock-in Sage. Let's take a look at some top tips for getting the most out of her. Ollie Toms. Sage (codename Thorne) is an Agent in VALORANT. Target a friendly corpse. Just like Mercy's own resurrection, Sage will have a short delay before getting the rez, potentially being left wide open for the enemy team. Agen Sage is an excellent and popular character in Valorant. It takes 7 points to charge, so making use of the Ultimate Orbs around the map is paramount with Sage. Sage is a Valorant agent originated from China whose abilities maker her a supportive character in the game. The game operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match. It takes several seconds to revive the ally, and they can be shot and killed before the player regains use of their agent. Valorant Sage guide - 32 tips and tricks, best Sage wall boosts. Sage, the latest Valorant agent revealed Riot Games. Guides Writer. Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. She an interesting character to play with, some useful tips and tricks, and knowing what weapons to use for Sage can definitely come in handy. Ultimate: Resurrection. Agent Sage is the support and healer of Valorant VALORANT is a free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. She is a supporting character that can revive allies with the ultimate ability that she has. Maybe she will be a safe pick for support players that move over and want that same healer type feeling. Valorant: Sage Agent Guide - Abilities, Strategies, Tips & Tricks and Lore ... Resurrection - As the name suggests, you can revive a dead ally with her ultimate ability. Similarly to the Healing Orb, you want to stay close to as many teammates as you can so that if one dies, you can revive them before the round is lost. ... so be sure to protect them and revive … Simply put, this ability can revive a fallen teammate once charged up. ... After a short delay, revive them with full health. Personally, I don't think Sage really does too much to help the transition from Overwatch to VALORANT since the fundamental gameplay between the two games is completely different. With the power you provide, you have the ability to make or break your team. Sage is one of the Agents in Valorant and has the abilities that help her and teammates. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults, she provides a calm center to a hellish battlefield. Valorant: 10 Tips For Playing As Agent Sage. Whether it was under duress or out of choice that you chose her, now that you’ve pressed that button, the weight of your team’s well-being is on your shoulders. Halt your enemies in their tracks with these top-tier Sage tips. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults, she provides a calm center to a hellishbattlefield 1. Currently Sage is the only Agent in Valorant that can heal herself AND teammates, making her an essential agent in every team composition. In this guide, we will teach you how to play as Sage in Valorant. 1 Summary 2 Related Articles 3 Abilities 3.1 Basic 3.2 Signature 3.3 Ultimate 4 Update History 5 Gallery 6 Trivia 7 References Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes.
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