laopai's gear list: laopai's gear list. The Pentax Super-Multi-Coated Takumar/6×7 300mm f/4 lens is the largest and longest lens I own. This is why we provide the Table of Content below. December 2008 more Pentax reviews . The 645 NII features an upgraded mirror mechanism that swings the mirror up and down more smoothly and silently than its predecessors, generating far less jolt at shutter release and greatly reducing camera shake during exposure. 645D "Pentax 645D" camera with "smc PENTAX-DFA 645 55 mm F2.8 AL" lens . In addition to the Pentax 67II ... reviews and essays on this site, you can support its continued growth and discover an exciting new photographic resource by … 17512 Post Views [since March 16, 2019]: Filed Under: Cameras, Reviews Tagged With: member-only. The thing a like most about the Pentax 645n II is the ease of operation of the mirrior lock-up. PentaxForums gives user comments on the quality of the zooms. In reply to phlowtography • Mar 11, 2012 I have a 645-A 150mm F2.8 and 645 Leaf Shutter 75mm F2.8 up for sale in the other forum if you're interested 【MINT+5】 Pentax 645N II Nll + SMC FA 75mm f/2.8 Le . It’s hard to keep steady — it weighs more than three pounds all by itself. pentax me black film camera with pentax f2 lens in virtually mint condition. So, let’s dive into my Pentax 645 review! pdf of Pentax 645NII manual. Many of the fixed focal length A-645 lenses are inexpensive on the used market and provide intriguing options with … Believe it or not, Pentax even made a marine housing for the 6×7. It was more recently that we bought two Pentax 645n bodies along with the Pentax FA 75mm 2.8 and the Pentax 67 105mm 2.4. I love the light meter, the qucik auto focus and auto film advance and rewind. This auction is for a 【MINT+5】 Pentax 645N II Nll + . Pentax 645 Refconverter. There’s no denying it: this digital back will not be able to compete with a proper digital back from the likes of Hasselblad. In 1997, Pentax added autofocus along with a selection of AF lenses. The weather before Sinlaku arrives is so beautiful though. Pentax 645 vs Pentax 645n vs Pentax 645nii. Free shipping [Optical N-Mint] Pentax 645NII Medium Format Camera + SMC FA 45-85mm … At a 35mm equivalent of 96mm on film bodies (125mm on the 645D), this 150mm prime will give you a versatile field of view … Pentax 645NII Review. The Pentax 645NII Body Only SLR Film Camera Body Only is compatible with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to capture images with clarity. The only other medium format camera I have shot is the … Sign up to receive an email when a new article is posted. In this film camera review of the Pentax 645 NII, read comparisons between the Contax 645 film camera and the Pentax 645NII, including information on focusing, metering, ease of … 645N: Year introduced 1997: Mount Pentax 645 AF: Meter range 2 - … Ultimate Pentax 645 Gear. Nice review…I stumbled across the Pentax 645n after I had some problems with my 6×7 and had to send it away for repairs. pentax film camera 2x lenses flash orignal pentax leather case. Shot with the 45-85mm at 45mm. item 4 … Pentax Camera Reviews » Pentax Film Cameras » Pentax 645 Medium Format: Pentax 645N: Reviews: Views: Date of last review: 9: 53,757: Tue February 4, 2020: Recommended By: Average Price: Average User Rating: 100% of reviewers: $504.29: 9.75 : supersize: supersize: Description: Pentax 645, 645N, and 645NII Compared. A modest update to the already-great K-1, the Pentax K-1 II has better noise performance and a new handheld Pixel Shift mode. Also with the 645 to 67 adapter I can use all of my existing 67 lenses on the 645 body, and the quality is brilliant. Idk if this review is for my camera or the type of camera for eBay right now, but in case it's the former - autofocus is nice but not fast, don't expect anything like your dslr. Most recently, the 645NII. I love the images online that I have seen produced with that lens and body pairing. PENTAX. $765.99. ... Pentax 645N Review - First Impressions - My New Favourite Camera? Here is a chart showing the difference between the Pentax 645, 645N, and 645NII medium-format cameras. Posts: 2. Using the kit 18-55mm lens supplied, at the longest focal length of … The Pentax 645N came out in 1997 and was succeeded by the 645Nii in 2001. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. Pentax K-1 Google Pixel 3 XL Reply to thread Reply with quote Complain. Several custom functions are also provided. I’ll discuss all three versions in this article, so this could be considered a Pentax 645 review, and Pentax 645n review, and a Pentax 645nii review, all in one. The Pentax 645N is a camera that I’ve always been intrigued by and I finally decided to pick one up. I purchased the 645n as a sort of stop gap camera, but I like it so much I use it just as much as my repaired 6×7. This manual focus Pentax 645 was replaced by the autofocus Pentax 645N in 1997. Tweet. Three Flamingos, Yucatan, 2002. (Daniel J. Schneider) Lenses It is very user friendly. The Pentax 645D is a digital single-lens reflex camera introduced in 2010. Join Date: Nov 2020. Item is used, but in a good condition . Well, another thing worth mentioning is that we were met by Typhoon Sinlaku. Barclay pack pentax k adapter - converts pentax k&m to accept praktica thread . Brand. 645: 645N: 645NII: Year introduced: 1984: 1997: 2001: Mount: Pentax 645 A: Pentax 645 AF: Pentax 645 AF: Meter range: 3 - 19 EV: 2 - 21 EV: 2 - 21 EV: Meter pattern: center-weighted: m (6 segment) c s: m (6 segment) c s: ISO range: 6 - 6400: 12-6400 : 12-6400: Film type: 120 and 220 roll … $50.00 shipping [For Parts] Pentax 645 NII Film Camera body Finder, 120 Film Back,Grip #GGJ. - Duration: 8:57. Pentax 645 150mm 3.5A Review / April 30, 2017 by Jake Horn. Product Identifiers. I have prevoiusly owned the Pentax 645N and it also is a fine camera. “Pentax 645N II Manual, owner’s manual instruction, view online, operation, specification, features, price, review, FREE download pentax 645n ii user guide PDF” Ease and simplicity is important to access certain information. Introduction. The Pentax … This medium format model was released in 2001 comes with an autofocus mode that helps compose your photos easily. ), and used this setup for the very first time just a few days ago. They are the younger brothers of the original 645 (1984-1997). The original Pentax 645 was introduced in 1984. Pentax 645Z Pentax K-1 Pentax K-1 II Pentax smc FA 31mm F1.8 AL Limited Pentax smc FA 77mm 1.8 Limited +30 more Reply Reply with quote Reply to thread Complain The 645NII gains mirror-lockup and a few other features as well as some exciting new lenses. However, I noticed that my lens looks blurry through the viewfinder around the edges. item 2 【MINT w/strap】 Pentax 645NII Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body From Japan #062 1 - 【MINT w/strap】 Pentax 645NII Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body From Japan #062. If you're interested in wood adorned cameras, I have some available in the store . Sign Up Now. Pentax added mirror lockup and called the replacement for the 645N the 645N II. I am now giving comments on new Pentax "645NII" body, the second version. PENTAX 645Nii MEDIUM FORMAT FILM CAMERA | STREET PHOTOS & PORTRAITS - Duration: 19:01. Pentax-FA 645 33-55mm F4.5 AL Pentax-FA 645 45-85mm F4.5 Pentax-FA 645 55-110mm F5.6 Pentax-FA 645 80-160mm F4.5 Pentax-FA 645 100-300mm F5.6 ED (I.F.) Introduced for the 645n and 645nII are. Elliot Creek emptying into Lake Superior within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. I just purchased the Pentax 645nii and the SMC 105 2.4 (first film camera! Stay up to date! It features a 40 megapixel CCD sensor manufactured by Kodak. Winding and film advancement is on the noisy side, but that's to be expected. If you want a wood covered Pentax like mine, hit the contact link below and let me know! £538.52 + £46.16 postage. This new body provide mirror lock up and 2sec time delay mirrow lock up which is very useful when I forget to bring along shutter cord. I know this is a Pentax 645n review, but the Mamiya was our first medium format film camera, which we shot for a couple years and it has helped us see what the Pentax 645n offers compared to it. Xiapu, China - Pentax 645Nii Pictures Sep 28, 2008 During the Moon Festival holidays, we went to Xiapu, Fujian of China. It works in all the automatic and manual exposure modes of the Pentax 645, 645N and 645NII. by krellmaster 10 Apr, 2012. It is approximately the same size and shape as the earlier film models, and the lens mount accepts older manual and auto-focus lenses. Medium format camera systems historically focus their glass selection towards landscape, portrait, and studio photographers. Main new features of Pentax 645N II Smooth Mirror Operation with Lock-Up Mechanism to Minimize Camera Shake. $70.00 shipping [Near Mint] Pentax 645 NII N II Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body From Japan. MPN. Pentax 645NII. Intro Specs Performance Recommendations. The camera has a soild feal to it. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Today we’re going to take a look at two film cameras. It features shutter speed of 30-1000 seconds and is compatible with multiple lenses. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. Because of this, thankfully, there are many choices in the medium telephoto range. New Member. Pentax 645nii PF Cyber Monday Donation Special Now Live | Win a Pentax K-70 - Enter our raffle daily in November! Search this Thread: 11-09-2020, 02:44 PM #1: rudderman71. Pentax has an adaptor that allows medium format to 35mm as well, but in this case autodiaphram is lost.) I imagine with a 6×7 you wouldn’t even need a weight belt. I do custom work. Find out if it's right for you in our in-depth review! Originally introduced in 1984 as the 645. The 645NII is still expensive, but even the AF 645N sells for just a few hundred dollars without lens. Pentax claims that it offers four stops of extra shooting stability, but this is a little optimistic. Overall beautiful imagery. item 3 Fujifilm Fuji GA645ZI 6X4.5 Medium Format Professional Film Camera 2 - Fujifilm Fuji GA645ZI 6X4.5 Medium Format Professional Film Camera £650.00 + £53.98 postage. (Contax allows their 645 lenses to be used on the N series 35mm cameras. These are bargains: I paid under $300 for my Pentax 645 setup, which included the lens seen above, as well as the camera in December 2008! $259.90 . 645NII as Backup. 【MINT+5】 Pentax 645N II Nll + SMC FA 75mm f/2.8 Lens , 120/220 Film back JAPAN. $1,349.99. The surface finishing of this new body is a different from old AF body, looks more durable and high class. Pentax 645nii. 15742. Photographed with a Pentax 645NII and Pentax (67) 300mm f/4 lens on Provia 100F . Up front, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way—spec-wise, all versions of the Pentax 645 are almost identical.
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