Depending on the content and the amount of time spent playing, video games can have positive as well as negative effects on your child. A serious education in positive words and emotions can prevent a lot of the mental and emotional stress. No life is perfect, just choose yourself. – Robin (Stress is a Choice, 2016). #15: Despite it’s finite nature, life is magnificent like a gift pack filled with all the beautiful pain and pleasure that consists of family, friends, struggles and wins. #28: Do all it takes to be present because life won’t pause to share the goodies with you, you just have to see them and chase them down. #25: The beauty of life is not in constant joy but rather after so many painful moments, you always get a chance to breath, to take a break and be happy for transient moments. #22: life makes you realize how subtly you become this person you always wanted to be, it goes almost unnoticeable that you might even not notice how close you have come to your dreams. The video also includes appealing accompanying visuals, making this video a great introduction to some of the benefits of gratitude. Taking a positive approach to life helps us develop a healthy pattern of self-talk, which influences how we view and act in the world we live in. You just have to allow yourself savour every moment with the accompanying taste. "It has made a huge difference in being able to change my mindset and set out on the path I wanted to pursue." The signs of emotional exhaustion don’t come from positive emotions like happiness, gratefulness, or curiosity but from interpreting life events negatively. #29: Some mornings you just need to sit outside and admire the Sun rising and the cool morning air. Linda purchased several annuities, ... Mark and Juanita, faced a heartbreaking prognosis: Mark had a serious type of lung disease. This video will show you a new perspective that can change your life. Fill your life with what matters most. The video also quickly includes some ways to practice gratitude in your life. It’s more than good vibes and happy thoughts. #1: Life will not always be bitter, sometimes it will be sour, sweet and even tasteless. – Joan (Attitude is Everything, 2018). #16: Open up to someone at least once in your life, you’ll need them to share in the awesome complexities that make up life and living. Taking one step out, one after the other brings you closer to so much adventure and you deserve it. – Kim (The Power of Positive Doing, 2019), Rekindle your inner light or help brighten someone else’s day with this beautiful video!Based on the inspirational book May You Be Blessed. #8: Life teaches you to fail and to be accepting of the person you are in your failure because asides success, your life is also a collection of failures. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. To develop a positive attitude, you need to learn to control it. There’s too much talk about what life should be or not be. #11: life is what you make it out to be, you are in charge and so you should always believe that life is wired to do you good and not evil. In this sharp talk, Ledgerwood shares a simple trick for kicking negative thinking to the curb so we can start focusing on … Life can be complicated but happiness is really pretty simple. Here is the best collection for you “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. This idea can sound a bit soft and fluffy, which is something of a problem for many people who recognise that just thinking good thoughts won’t change the world and therefore discard the whole idea. According to his doctors, he is on life support. Positive thinking doesn't mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore life's less pleasant situations. Here’s a collection of short speeches on positive attitude. #6: The most fulfilling lives are not those with endless riches or insurmountable strength, but rather those who are content with experiencing the simple beauties of life. Some times it’s the weak and vulnerable who are capable of the most profound experiences and they get the most out of life. Speech on positive attitude Whenever we observe our surroundings, the environment, and the people, we realize that the world can be […] #14: A lot of times we are too busy trying to discover life’s meaning that we refuse to see the beauty of it, the whole time missing out on both ends of life; meaning and beauty eludes us. This video would be a great way to introduce a class with students of any age to the benefits of gratitude. *Cynicism and negativity may be the easy choice, but they're not the best choice. #19: It’s never going to be all you expect it to be and sometimes life will hurt you but you can’t ignore all the special moments it comes along with and the treats you get along the way. Watch this video to see how you can unleash your hidden potential!Based on the inspirational book Unchain the Elephant. Positive thinking results in suppressing your feelings. Our goal is to provide our readers with the comprehensive lists of quotes on love, life, relationship, Wishes, Wisdom & Prayers. VIDEOS The Science of a Meaningful Life Video Series Positive Emotions Transform Us Barbara Fredrickson suggests that positive emotions make us more resilient to setbacks, improve our relationships, and may even change our biological makeup. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Whether you’re trying to inspire others or keep yourself motivated, having a positive attitude can make all the difference. Let's embrace the way we're created to think and Stay Positive. – Anna (The Perfect Moment, 2014), If you felt free to express creative genius, what would it look like? View our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All content and design copyright © Simple Truths 2020. This video will show you a new perspective that can change your life.Based on the inspirational book Stress is a Choice. Why does a failure seem to stick in our minds so much longer than a success? Paradise Found. We provide our global community with resources that support mind mastery, conscious living and soul alignment, delivering both … I will be really grateful if you could suggest similar movies that can help me in self-improvement." #27: Life makes you sandwiches and drags you on a picnic with experiences so magnificent and this is why we hardly ever want it to end. Positive thinking has been shown to physically improve your health and well-being. Life has its bright side, but it also has some dark places. You will be needing this for yourself and for all the people around you who are struggling to see the light ahead. Veuer’s TC Newman reports. – Grateful (The Power of Attitude, 2018), Doors open to optimists. Contribute to my research on positive words and share my project.” #21: You can’t live all of life caged in by fear because that would be so much injustice to yourself. 3. Go on a journey of personal discovery to understand what matters most as it relates to your success in life.Based on the inspirational book The Power of Attitude. You think the best is going to happen, not the worst. Positive thinking is the idea that you can change your life by thinking positively about things. – Robin (Stress is a Choice, 2016) Discover your joy… and share it with others!Similar to the inspirational book The Happiness Hack. *Pastor Craig Groeschel will be doing a refresh of this message series in May 2020. – Bobby (Unchain the Elephant, 2018), You can give appreciation to anyone you choose. #20: Strong people are not always going to be the best at enjoying life. For instance, a study by Hastings (2008) showed that educational video games were associated with good academic performance, while violent video games were associated with troublesome behavior .. 20K likes. - Fahad, Pakistan Today's post is different from usual. Too many speculations about the ideal life and too little positive assertions to live by. #18: If you would be on this bus called life, you better pick the front row sit and get that perfect view where you won’t miss anything as you pass through the times and experience all the seasons. #4: When life knocks you down, it’s not trying to say you are not good enough but it’s showing you how powerful you can be even in your most vulnerable moments. "Celes, I was reading one of your articles and noticed a reader mentioning the movie 'Yes Man' in his comment. Too many speculations about the ideal life and too little positive assertions to live by. She thought that HIV positive people never gave birth and could never be happy. The singer's condition is being monitored by a set of doctors in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital. #24: The life you’ve always wanted will not always remain in dreamland, some day when you are ready, it will be within your grasp and it would be as real as the taste of joy on your lips. The world of video games may take over your child’s life to such an extent that friends and family may start to seem boring. These quotes about life are the perfect challenge to help you stay on the positive side always. #9: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, or you will forever be miserable living the life another person so desperately also wants to avoid. Neglecting other activities like studying, connecting with classmates, and disorientation often results in poor academic performance. See how you can choose to make a difference.Based on the inspirational book The Simple Truths of Appreciation, Fill your life with what matters most. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You may also want to spend some time learning to value yourself and your time, as that can contribute to a more positive outlook on life. Top Videos. What’s more, you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the good in your life without experiencing some difficulties and troubles. #2: The battle for life is one we have always been fighting that we almost always forget to live, you deserve to take a break and breath in some of the moments that life offers you. Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. #31: My life is better with every year of living it. Because a positive attitude can do more than just make you feel good—it could also change your life. It’s important to arm yourself with all […] #3: A lot of people complain about not having a life, they constantly forget that life is not something we are offered by anyone but rather what we choose to do with our time and relationships. Through Link Up, Daphine has received HIV treatment and care at Kisakye Youth Centre, MildMay Uganda, and counselling and information about HIV and her sexual and reproductive health rights that have totally changed her outlook on life. #30: Don’t let your present fears be the reason you miss out on the beauty playing out around you, life is good. "Great gift for a young professional with a family." You can find the new series resources here: Stay Positive. #13: Be ready to experience every moment, don’t let any of it pass you by because you can only truly live the life you have embraced. Helping you embrace your uniqueness & feel deeply connected. This video will show you a new perspective that can change your life. Our app helps you browse personal and spiritual growth content, find a holistic healer, and more. Life is filled with a vast range of emotions, not only positive ones. #5: Life is the culmination of the people in your life, the time you spend with them, the memories you create and the stories you treasure from these experiences. #23: The most sneaky thing is life, it doesn’t give warnings, it simply happens and leaves you amusingly shocked at how much you can accomplish in such a short time. Every day you step out, you are more likely to bump into negative people because life is not always a roadshow. “Helps you practice behaviors and strategies to reduce stress in your everyday life” – Robin (Stress is a Choice, 2016) Based on the inspirational book Stress is a Choice. It’s important to arm yourself with all the goodness you can muster. Watch videos from Beth Ridley of The Brimful Life and access related positive mindset resources. The Right Messages is your source for Messages. Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, is currently in a critical condition. Disinterest in Other Aspects of Life. Having a positive attitude in life is very essential. #17: Like a music sheet in the orchestra, life captures so much sound and directs the most beautiful musical through the city streets and into the most inspiring countryside.
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