Grey hardwoods are prized as a denser and heavier option with distinct grooves that are smooth to the touch. We mill siding and interior paneling from Douglas fir dimensional lumber (generally 3X material) or timbers. … Carbondale, Colorado 81623 These boards are rare and among our most popular options. Our ready-to-install mixed gray and brown barn wood siding is an elegant addition to any home or business. A standard order of Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding … At Olde Wood Limited®, we reclaim old barn wood siding by carefully dismantling barns … Reclaimed barn wood brings the ethos of those laboriously crafted barns… Different species of trees were cut down, milled, and then used for its siding. There were times when a barn was built directly from the trees that grew on its foundation. Our ash, oak, elm, beech or maple are weathered with distinct groves, and may have darker shades of faded black paint from previous lives on a tobacco plantation. Our Rustic Reclaimed barn wood siding and lumber is 100% reclaimed or refurbished from buildings and barns that have been condemned, abandoned or beyond repair. Chinking material is then added between the slabs giving the appearance of historic hand hewn squared log construction. The shades of brown barn siding boards range from gray-brown to rich chocolate. Reclaimed barn wood siding, antique beams, fireplace mantels, and more! This weathering brings an authentic color and texture to any project, depending on where the barn … This natural process of protecting America’s majestic barns from the elements has created a rich variation of grey color tones that are distinct in each and every plank. We specialize in only high quality reclaimed barn wood siding that can be custom milled in-house to complement the interiors and exteriors of high-end architecture. Most customers prefer to leave the untouched original rough sawn patina, but we also offer the option to surface plane the Douglas fir boards on all 4 sides (S4S). This is a completely reclaimed and environmentally friendly product. Email: [email protected], Copyright 2019 - Distinguished Boards and Beams - Powered By Blend Web Marketing. 865-243-4604 [email protected] And when it's done and you have the time to enjoy the look and feel and aura of the wood, make sure you take that time. Yes, reclaimed barn siding has been on the exterior of a barn for many years. Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! It's a material with a backstory. The hue mix depends on when the barn was painted last and also depends on the area of the barn where the board was positioned; areas of the barn that received high sun exposure faded quicker, whereas boards shaded by eaves maintained their red hues longer. We reclaim wood from antiquated structures worldwide that are often over 200 years old. Without the convenience of ready-made paint, farmers discovered that a blend of linseed oil, skimmed milk, lime, and rust would effectively protect their barns for many years. Explore the styles we have below. Reclaimed Grey Barn Siding Specifications. The shades of brown barn siding boards range from gray-brown to rich chocolate. Boards are available in 4"-12" widths. Discover the styles we have below and find the one that works best for your project. Becoming a subscriber gets you on the inside track of all the happenings at Front Range Timber. Most mixed oak boards naturally range from tan and gold to chocolate brown patina with accented handsome grain patterns. 5 out of 5 stars (555) 555 reviews $ … Many times old barn wood … Recreated Old Barn Wood from Reclaimed Lumber; Redwood Old Barn Wood (Please call us about our supply 559-877-3645) Barn Wood Siding comes and goes around here. Please call for current inventory. Reclaimed Grey Barn Wood Siding Come home to siding as rich in character as it is in history. Terms & Conditions | © 2020 Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. Originally a barn's interior surface, brown smooth siding boards were planed at an historic mill. Many prefer elm for its long, straight grain patters, light tan/beige to light to medium reddish-brown coloration, and resistance to splitting. These sheathing boards were hidden under metal roofs for decades and are characterized by distinct nail holes from periodic roof repairs and replacements during the course of the barn’s life. Natural aged grey patina that can only come from years and years in the snow, sun, rain and wind. Our company salvages old barns and buildings that need to be taken down due to structural damage and safety concerns. Its weathering is slightly rough with shallow grooves and furrowing. We reclaim this material from seasoned barns in the south-east and mill it to perfection for easy DIY installation. This antique grey patina is highly sought after due to its ability to enhance any space in an elegant, yet rustic charm that translates across every design genre.
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