It should be dry to touch after 24 hours. After your painted tray is dry, you can begin planning your colors and mixing your resin.Remember that resin begins to set up quickly, so lay out your colors and cups in advance. 8. You don’t want to melt or crack resin molds or a container because it couldn’t handle the heat of mixed resin. Truth is were always out of juice! Thanks! Scrap plywood and wood screws (to build the mold) This is actually because we ran into and issue with the resin setting too fast and patchy causing us to have to fill the center with resin a bit over. Then add the resin in layers waiting a few hours in between. Try to avoid lots of overlapping as you want nice defined colour blocks at this point. Casting resin. 5. If you want a more custom look you either need to spend a fortune OR make them yourself. This will seal in any holes and avoid the whole bottom from getting soaked in resin. (Thank you for helping my pick Inta fam! Honestly it can be cheaper. If you haven’t gotten your molds yet, this article details the differences between silicone and plastic resin molds. Anywho, lesson learned. It really depends what you already have. For my trays, I mixed enough two-part resin for an entire tray.I used about 10 ounces for the larger tray. It's just enough to act as a glue for the items you are embedding. We did the best we could. I really like how your tray turned out and…THANK YOU for showing the ‘oops’ moments as well. 6. Avoid getting any water in it. (LOL). ( ps. Keep in mind you’ll only have a working time of about 10-40 minutes before the resin starts to harden. For our project this week we ended up making a DIY wood resin tray! Your email address will not be published. Give an ordinary wooden tray an edge with shattered green glass from a broken car window. ( you can lightly sand it if you accidentally get some on the resin). Then you’ll want to see these… This Faux Malachite Tray costs less than $10 to make. A heat gun is a terrific way to remove bubbles and is much safer than using something with a flame, like a propane or butane torch. Please note that the amounts above are for the total resin after mixed. Mixing cups. Apr 8, 2019 - Explore Racheal's board "Rolling tray DIY" on Pinterest. It measured about 14″ by 10″ inches. One of the joys of epoxy resin casting is that if you can make the mould (the negative) for it, you can make it (the positive). Thanks for joining me. So I decided to seal in all the dirt by applying a layer of resin to the edges of the wood inside. It’s not a super hard DIY. Hi Hope, LOL! Now I want to make a mold of everything! This DIY Monogrammed Tray makes a perfect gift. So don’t wait too long to pour. Plastic stir paddles are a great way to make sure you get your resin thoroughly mixed. Cover every inch of your tray’s flat bottom. Feel free to experiment with smaller sized trays as you learn the process. That way there is no smell in my house. Epoxies want to settle out to a coat 1/8 inch thick; it's easy to add more to that, but it's very difficult to make it thinner while keeping it level. The resin pretty much cooked itself in about 20 minutes. OH YAH!! There is no limit to where your artistic vision can take you. Avoid over heating the resin and don’t lay a lid on it too soon. For my stain color I mixed the two minwax stains “special walnut” and “dark walnut”. This helps to release resin castings from your molds. Only one strip of silicone to the inner pieces of the wood to create a barrier wall. It is one of my favorites to learn websites. In the beginning I had originally planned on leaving it without a topcoat but, I was afraid the white resin would stain easily. I would hate to loose all the footage.. Than I used my hammer and screw driver to remove all the bark. Mold release also prolongs the life of your resin molds. Hello DIY family! If you’re not familiar with resin it’s super easy to work with. Once you’re happy with your resin placement, pop those little surface bubbles using your blow torch. Carmen Alves, Your the best cz it was a headache to knw what’s needed thank you soo much, Thank you for the easy explain , wish you all the best. The idea behind this DIY wood resin tray is to have what looks like a river flowing between two pieces of wood. I assuming the more expensive the silicone the stronger it is. I got my wood at hobby lobby. See more ideas about Resin diy, Resin crafts, Diy resin tray. Signup for my latest DIYS straight to your inbox! See policies page. Even though I removed my bark I was worried some loose dirt from the live edges might float up once the resin started setting. We used a blow torch and over heated our resin causing it to set to fast in some areas. You will do this for every color you use. How To Make A Smashed Glass And Resin Tray Materials. ( You can check out the video here for more info – )  I used about a total of 1.5 cups of resin to fill the center completely.
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